Service from the Earth

We offer a variety of services that connect people to the healing properties of nature


The purpose of our ceremonies is to end, for a time, our sense of human alienation from nature and from each other. Ritual is a proven method of reintegrating individuals and groups back into the wisdom, joy and beauty of the natural world. Nature based ritual allows us to feel a connection with our ancestors, who regulated their lives and activities around the seasons. Today’s rituals often just celebrate family and culture, while many of the old ceremonies that involved our connections with nature have been neglected, forgotten and deemed useless. Nature based rituals allow us to re-create that unity of oneness with all things - in an explosive, ever-deepening, soul stirring way. Rituals have the power to reset our place and our connections within the universe until we find ourselves suddenly and truly “at home”.

Therapeutic Breathwork

So often the busyness of our minds and old belief systems keep us stuck in repetitive, unproductive patterns. Traditional psychotherapy tends to work from the top down - cognition in to experience.
Breathwork encourages you to go deeper, to your core - from the bottom up - to discover your Truth as you break free of those old patterns. Rediscover your authentic Self, gain trust in your inner Wisdom, begin to speak your Truth from a place of peace and confidence.

Groups and Workshops

Monthly offerings:

Group Breathwork 

Earth Drumming

Other:  Teachings on the Four Directions, Cherokee Medicine, Breathe Fully ~Live Fully, Earth Elements Retreat, life transitions and managing emotions, and more...



We recognize the place and need for ceremony throughout the many phases and changes of this life. We offer nature based ceremonies to assist in the celebrating, grieving, releasing, blessing, grounding encouraging, coming of age, seeking and letting go.  There are many types of ceremonies that can be provided to add depth and significance to the events of your life:
Spirit Balancing, Sweat Lodge, Energy Work, 
House Blessings, Baptism/Child Blessing, Weddings, Funerals
Vision Quest, Drum Ceremonies, Fire Ceremony, Forest Walks/Sitting Stump,
Renewal of Heart, Friends Making Ceremony, Ending relationships, Protection Ceremony


Therapeutic Breathwork

with Advanced Energy Healing

Our bodies will breathe 12,000 to 25,000 times each day without a need for our conscious mind to be aware of it.  The exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide throughout our body has a direct connection to the balance of our autonomic nervous system which can impact our physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual well-being.  An under-utilized resource for healing, our breath can assist us to become more present in moment to moment awareness and, therapeutically, it has the power to support our psyche in releasing us from old, limiting patterns of thought and behavior.

Combining breathwork with Advanced Energy Healing, as well as a foundation of psychotherapy, Anne offers a unique blend of services to create a safe, supportive, and healing environment.

For more information or scheduling, call or email Anne.


Groups and Workshops

Group sessions for Breathwork are offered on the second Thursday of each month.  You can find more information at facebook on the group page - Connect with Breath.

Earth Drumming is available the second Wednesday of each month.



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